Brion's first book has been published by The Journal of Experimental Fiction. It is titled "Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics" and can be purchased on

"Brion Poloncic has given us an exceptional, unmitigated, and idiosyncratic book. Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics pushes at all of our preconceptions and misconceptions not only about the idiosyncratic self, but also about art . Artists and iconoclasts are too often and too easily cast as outsiders, and Outsider Art has become somewhat of a commodity with so-called "outsiders" who seem to market their "outsidedness" for monetary gain. One wonders if in some cases the outsider stance isn't merely a con. But with Poloncic, we see the real thing, and it is beautiful and scary, marvelous and delightful, yet also angry, insecure, self-doubting. In other words, this is as human as it gets. And sometimes it is as humorous as it gets as when, in the depths of his artistic quest, Poloncic begins channeling William S. Burroughs, who dictates a manuscript to him, or when he realizes that all we really need to get through our lives successfully is a sequence of form letters. Although it is deliciously funny, the work is, simply put, both charming and discombobulating, which is a note that rings absolutely true to the ear." - Eckhard Gerdes, author of Hugh Moore and My Landlady The Lobotomist

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