New book "On the Shoulders of Madmen" scheduled to be published by The Journal of Experimental Fiction.

"If there isn't already a genre of writing called psychedelic realism, Brion Poloncic has created it with his book Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics. Each selection vibrates with color, spirals through experience and lands squarely in the territory between humor and madness. Madness imbues each of these pieces, yet Poloncic's view of the world seems remarkably clear-eyed. Suicide form letters, advice for the newly-diagnosed schizophrenic and an appreciation of his mother are the more straight up prose pieces. Some others read like they were channeled through some long ago beat sensibility; the language rich, evocative and rhythmic. Poloncic's book is a structural hybrid, Some pieces are short and pithy, two sentence salutes to spiritualism or an ode to a revered writer. Burroughs makes an appearance when he dictates a story through the writer's meth-charged brain. Longer pieces venture into the seamier side of the Omaha 90's music scene…blow jobs behind closed door, drug-addled debutantes slumming and transvestites turning tricks. But this is not a trip to the dark side. Humor and grace make frequent appearances and there is something sweet under the pathos, as if Poloncic wants to show us the dark, then let in the light. And, as reader, we trust him as a tour guide because his vision is so human, rings true and, at times, is so damn funny." - Vicki Wood

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